5 Simple Techniques For Adventures

This adventure is a sequel to Kobold Tea Social gathering. The kobolds have briefly observed a new dwelling in an deserted Drow crypt and embalming Heart. Regrettably for the kobolds, the region is fraught with Hazard and they are staying pursued via the intrepid gamers.

The party is travelling through a dark and lonely forest. Thunderheads loom during the sky and the street is lined with tombstones. As being the storm closes in the celebration methods right into a desolate graveyard and sees a girl crafted from wisps of blue smoke standing inside their path…

Small children through the village of Somerset are actually taken with the eco-friendly hag. You as adventurers need to save the children and slay the hag. This experience is created to be speedy and easy.  

Two wizards are engaged in a protracted-jogging feud. Once the participant characters rescue among the spell hurlers, he asks them to help him complete the conflict after and for all. But do the player people really need to have in the midst of two extremely offended wizards?

By using the Check out as a place to begin, this adventure can be utilized as a means to bring an adventuring social gathering together for The 1st time, Therefore getting rid of the need to create a backstory on how Every character achieved the rest of the get together.

Undoubtedly you received’t be the one just one to hunt it, but could you afford to pay for not to be prosperous With this mission? And why haven’t they claimed it for by themselves?

Ylem Grav is undoubtedly an historical God who's name has become overlooked more than the passage of your time. As his electrical power waned, he found his very existence remaining threatened. So as to avert himself from ceasing to exist, he employed what remained of his power to craft a pocket universe which was connected to a cursed magical artifact (the quilt illustration denotes a sword, though the artifact will take what ever kind you'll need it to).

A totally free D&D 5e experience for 8th to 9th-stage people from the globe of Farland, on the list of oldest unique D&D marketing campaign settings on-line, and continue to growing.

A dwarven expedition has stopped in Mulmaster for A lot-desired provides. Furgis Boltsmelter, their founder and chief, is seeking some “no inquiries asked” security for your period of his stay in town.

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs happen to be driven from their property beneath the Sword Mountains by some awful evil they usually now see Phandalin as their most effective selection for a new house.

All across the sleepy town of Stawford lies abundant farmland. The world close to the foothills is original site very fertile. Nicely, was Specifically fertile. Initially the Sundering, and now Recurrent earthquakes have remaining the location in disarray. Within the dead center of the chaos may be the Therayle farmstead.

The player characters have put right into a tropical island for repairs to their ship. However the nearby village is almost deserted, as well as jungle hides a mystery that is certainly equally horrible and tragic. Can the player figures place to appropriate a little something so foul that It appears there could be no redemption?

The Riverlands Kingdom is really a tranquil put. Generations ago it had been a thriving and loaded investing empire. Now It's a sleepy area of farms and a few craftsmen.

Previous hatreds die tough, but sometimes it's important to put aside petty, particular disagreements for your larger fantastic. The hag, Jeny Greenteeth, is intelligent and will establish instrumental inside the troubles that lay ahead.

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